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We've been there...we know stuff. International stuff. Here are some areas where our crew can guide you.



When everything is equal, it's how and when each piece is played that's as important as the decision to get in the game. SPROUTwide Consultants understand this and we'll develop a strategy that fits your playing field. And if you don't have the people capacity to bring a strategy to life, we have the talent to get it all in play. See our Implementors page to learn how to get the plan to come full circle.



You've heard the term, "It takes a village...", and we are absolute believers. Not only because it sounds nice, but because we're proof that it's true. It's our experience that allows us to bring you a plan that shines with success. Yes, we include a step-by-step model in which you can make it happen. But it's our network that we connect you with that let's you dig in and not have to go it alone. Every piece is interrelated and our job is to work hard in lining them all up for you. Each company's strategy is unique so we'll cover things from market opportunity assessments to expansion actions that help you dodge hurdles like intellectual property protection in foreign countries or developing tools you can use like trade finance negotiation products you can package for your international sales team. In the process, we'll help you outline what roles are necessary for your internal staff to master. Need help training them? We can design a program to bring that to life, too.


With nearly 75% of the world's purchasing being done outside of U.S. borders, the temptation to try to go everywhere at once can be high. SPROUTwide will rarely encourage that kind of resource draining approach because we believe that a market entry program that is paired well with your company's growth pace and capacity will reap the most sustainable results. We'll work on your behalf to manage and evaluate foreign market research to zero in on your company's top options. Ranking of global regions, consideration of culturally appropriate product choices, and assessment of risk will all be facets that play into our recommendations. You'll even get a comparative matrix to make your market choices more clearly informed.


Advancing your selling and distribution network is tricky business and a SPROUTwide Consultant will help guide you toward optimizing your strategy. The importance of face-to-face, in-country presence will be blended with the cultural practices unique to your targeted markets. If you need guidance on developing a model for your foreign partnerships and contracts, we can work on your behalf to identify a best practice to base each market expansion on. We'll help you identify a plan for steps toward invigorating new market momentum and simultaneously mitigating risk. At the start, middle, and conclusion of our work, you'll have clarity of your goal and recommended practices. When a tactical point in our plan uses language like, "This is when you meet your potential partners in Dubai", it's the network we've aligned you with that finds those prospects for you first. Steps will be laid out so you understand what your financial, employee, and production investments will be at each phase so we can better estimate a realistic ROI.


We've worked with freight forwarders all the way from the Netherlands to the coast of Brazil. We've been on the front lines of customs documentation processes for two-way trade between NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreement countries. We've visited factories in Europe and Mexico and checked production runs in China and Taiwan. SPROUTwide knows about developing partnerships in India and networking resources all the way to Africa. If you need to evaluate your supply chain options but don't know where or how to start, let us do the legwork for you. We know you'd like to keep providing jobs right here at home so we'll help you find the best way to do that while still meeting demands of supplying your ingenuity and products all over the world. We'll help lead you toward resources that will prioritize your intellectual property protection and help you develop best practices for respecting the IP of your supply chain. It's a win-win when you have the right tools.


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