SPROUTwide "Global Boots"


Know this...when you can't be two places at once, we can step in! Our passports are warmed up and ready to go.



SPROUTwide staff has been on both sides of the meeting table on both sides of the pond. We'll pilot the launch and management of getting you connected with foreign selling agents and other key partners that are instrumental in your company's global development strategy. We'll also make the trek across international borders to meet them on your behalf. We do that so you don't have to. Our process always includes taking the time to get to know your company's products, goals, and needs so when we start the face-to-face vetting process on your behalf it's like one of your own has stepped off the plane to do the diligence and take the evaluation to the next stage.

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Whether you need someone "in person" to represent your company across the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Rio Grand or even Lake Ontario, you can depend on our professionally driven, cross-culturally minded, business savvy team to help you out. We've stood in trade booths and walked expo floors from the EU to the Middle East. We know first hand what it's like to stand in for a company other than ours...and we use caution to do it right. We'll manage the steps from early stage launch to the grand kick-off for your company's involvement or hosting of a key international event if you don't have the internal scope to spare your own team. We're experienced at developing relationships and focusing awareness on diverse cultures so confidence in SPROUTwide's ability to uncover and nurture event related leads can be high. We'll help you reap a stronger ROI than if you tried to juggle the process between other really important priorities. This is what we do...we give your international business development a more robust bandwidth.


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