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"Regardless of the stops along my professional path, the same scenery would crop up year after year…there were so many companies that had strong vision and motivation to expand their businesses beyond domestic borders but just did not have the staffing expertise to manage the details. The many active CEO’s were already ‘Jacks-of-All-Trades’, not to mention that they were also the primary engines keeping the gusto going to fuel their dreams. They just couldn’t spread any thinner yet they knew they couldn't afford to delay export growth any longer. So, through necessity, I created SPROUTwide to fill that gap.

Business leaders who lack experienced international trade professionals on staff now have a place to go to find an interim or contract based team who can tame the crazy details that go with expanding around the globe.

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Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you to keep your big ideas full of gusto!" Laura Deierlein | President & Founder


SPROUTwide brings a diverse network of international business experience to the door of growth driven companies who seek support and know-how that covers the gambit of growing globally. We share expertise that ranges from marketing, product development, and trade partnerships to understanding logistics, trade compliance, and validating the importance of intellectual property protection.

We have an immense appreciation for the value of cultural respect and doing business in foreign markets. This knack stems from our founder's early career activities in southeast Asia and has become the model that built our framework for a globally diverse alliance of professionals that can be available to bring solutions to your global market entry needs. We bring you well rounded strategic guidance and project management all the way through movement of goods over oceans and land borders. Long standing affiliations with state and federal economic and commerce development agencies broadens the network that SPROUTwide brings to your international trade program.

Integrating our experience leading U.S. state export development programs to India, the Middle East, and Europe generates a vibrant and expansive collaboration of global trade partners. In addition to liaising internationally, SPROUTwide’s clients benefit from our strong domestic network with a wide variety of influencers…and we’re always trying to create beneficial business-to-business connections (just for the fun of it)!

We strive to implement your strategic plans to increase export revenue while respecting your company’s integrity to grow and sustain local jobs here at home.

We love to help businesses develop international footprints and assisting them in increasing international expertise and connections. We have a partnership understanding with consulting teams in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and India (New Delhi) and have earned the Certified Global Business Professional accreditation from the National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators (NASBITE).


SPROUTwide Staff is current and always recertifying their NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional status.

For more about NASBITE (National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators), Click Here.

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